Co-boating project / Days 8 & 9 - Eolie mon amour

Saturday 2 october

We arrived in Ginostra, on Stromboli Island, yesterday in the afternoon. We deserved a half-day break on the land after the 18 hours of sailing from Costiera to here. We loved the place so much that we stopped there the day after as well, working with our laptops from this terrace with a stunning view:

Vista da Ginostra

Ginostra is a charming and relaxing place. We spent all the morning working really productively with a dark blue panorama in front of our eyes.

Back on the boat, we enjoyed a unique experience: having lunch while admiring volcano activities, especially the rocks sliding down from the top direclty to the sea. Tis was a unique show! In the afternoon we visited Strombolicchio, a tiny volcanic island with a high rock side. And this is the view from the top:

La barca vista da Strombolicchio

After this we spent some hours working or having fun in the water, then we come back to Stromboli where we had dinner and later we enjoyed a sky full of falling stars... 

Sunday 2 October

Today's destination was Panare. In the morning we arrived a Lisca Bianca to have a breakfast, then we spent the night on the land again, as some of use needed to work some hours. In the afternoon we sailed around the island to have last swims before coming back, as tomorrow will be the last day of this adventure.  As s last present we were offered this stunning show prepared by some dolphins...


October 02, 2016 by Ana Carolina Massaro

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