London based artist, Ana Carolina works with live flowers, plants and precious metals creating individual pieces of highly unique and beautiful jewellery. Her work is of high quality and has a large group of followers and recurring customers, focusing on unique design and impactful beauty which appeals to sophisticated and demanding clients. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are one off pieces of art. Ana Carolina is expert in digital design and photography which she uses in wide range of e-commerce applications.

Ana Carolina achieved in 2018 the Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts and Digital Media with Distinction and her work is being used by University of Arts of London as a teaching material. She is currently working at Wimbledon Art Studios running her own jewellery e-commerce business and working on new creative projects, including: 3D jewellery design, photography and exhibitions.

Our Story

Ilaria Urbinati helped me to illustrate it, drawing some episodes of this short novel which gave inspiration to a whole jewellery collection, The Map of Memories.

Welcome on Dreamcatcher Lab and... enjoy reading!

How long does it take before we can really understand our own heart?

As a matter of fact, not long because it belongs to us from the very beginning. The greatest adventure starts when we have to find a way to realise what we already know deep inside. Our story begins with a little girl who used to fold paper butterflies to let them fly in the hair of her schoolmates in Venezuela.

This is the story of a garden full of ferns and hummingbirds, of a big table in a bright room with a stool just beside her mother’s. It is the distant, deep-rooted story of an Italian family who leaves South America and finds itself scattered across the four corners of the earth, going through lucky moments, doubts and achievements.

Our story is so compelling that it could become a novel but, instead, it can be worn as a tiny locket around your neck. The story behind Dreamcatcher Lab can be traced and retraced on a map of memories that touches over 40 different countries, all visited, loved and experienced by a curious little girl in search of the right place to spark a new revolution.

Any ideas with a small piece of wonder within them, can sprout anywhere. And they often help us change our direction.

Over the years, Ana Carolina has never saved herself even one small turn.

DreamcatcherLab - La Nostra Storia

The first creation, paper butterflies inspired by Morphos, the blue ones so widespread in Sudamerica.
Is it your butterfly too? Have a look here!
DreamcatcherLab - La Nostra Storia

rose garden always blooming, iridiscent humming-birds that seems to be still in front of those flowers called Paradise Birds. I've always wondered if they had a a secret language to understand each other...

DreamcatcherLab - La Nostra Storia

A bright room, colUna stanza luminosa, colored with Hibuscus flowers. Who is your inspiration?

DreamcatcherLab - La Nostra Storia

Today all these memories are spread among Dreamcatcher Lab creations, as many dots on a map yet to be explored. Follow the butterfly!

Dreamcatcher Lab, where the dreams become jewels

The idea of creating jewel pieces inspired by the natural world has very distant origins and, just like our story, it’s the result of an incredibly curious little girl who has never stopped dreaming. In August 2015, with our mind full of inspirational thoughts, doubts and certainties, that idea has finally become a reality through to the establishment of our company in the United Kingdom, opening the doors to an incredible entrepreneurial adventure.

We’ve walked a long way since our first creation, offering collectible jewels in a variety of different materials: glass, steel, gold, silver and many more! Each piece is unique and different from each-other because it is entirely hand-crafted. It tells a story, representing a precious treasure to be found and jealously enshrined…

Ana Carolina, founder and creative talent behind Dreamcatcher Lab, is the main character of our story. Luckily, she is not alone in her journey, having the privilege of counting on a team of people who have always believed in her.

Alberto, digital-savvy with a thing for tidiness (he’s more precise than a Swiss clock!) and Alessia, the authentic Mediterranean beauty who wears our jewels on this website always with a hint of freshness and irony.

During our journey, there have been a number of people who contributed to build piece after piece the wonder hidden inside this website. Each and every single one of them has played a key role, for one reason or another, and we are certain that many others will cross our path in the near future. Whoever has an interesting story to tell as that of Ana Carolina, can write to us at

Any reference to things, people, animals and events in this story is genuinely real. Included the elephant shown on this picture.



Our lotus flowers are long and red, an elephant cross the pond where they all stand up. There are a lot of meanings about this flower, but we just have a unique one. What is yours?

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