Wild Flowers Earrings - EcoChic collection


Brand DreamCatcherLab

The two glass orbs with 14k gold hooks protect real wild flowers collected around the World and preserved with a special technique.

Delicate, elegant and unique, these colorful pieces of jewelry are specially designed for nature-lovers. The sheer range of colors, tones and shapes in the wild flowers reign is breathtaking.

All flowers used to craft the earrings have grown in the wild - not intentionally seeded or planted - and have been collected in different forests around the world. They have been dried and then treated with a secret formula to keep their original color during time. When casted into the hand-blown glass orb, they look like a 3D projection and it looks like they are floating in the air.

Please consider that earrings can be slightly different from the pictures on the website as wild flowers are unique and non-replicable

Most of the flowers used are Baby Blue Eyes, Barren Strawberry, Bird Cherry, Dog Violet and Phlox Drummondii.


  • 14k Gold Hooks 1" (2.5cm)
  • Glass Orb: 0,60" (1.5cm)


  • 14k Gold, wild flowers, hand-blown glass, love and magic

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