Necklace Bonsai Orchid in Handblown Glass Orb and 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold


Brand DreamCatcherLab

Limited edition... Everlasting love!

Orchid is a symbol of true Love, It has the ability to grow anywhere and the power to bloom under any condition.
This precious necklace contains a rare Bonsai Orchid from South-East Asia. The magnificent beauty of this magic flower is kept safe by a shatterproof glass orb.

During the Victorian Era - it was said - gifting such a difficult flower to find meant that love had deeper affections and emotions.

The unique combination of material and color is emphasized in an extraordinary way. Personality and individuality of the wearer are lightened up, making even the plainest outfit an eye-catcher.
A surprising and original gift for someone you love or for yourself! It fits every occasion.

  • Chain 24" (61cm)
  • Glass Orb 1.18" (3cm)
Silver version:
  • 925 Sterling Silver, glass, Bonsai Orchid
Gold version:
  • 14k Gold, glass, Bonsai Orchid
The Bonsai Orchid is guaranteed to last 5 years and keeps all its original beauty if not exposed to the sun for long periods.

All my items are nicely wrapped and safely placed in a gift box.