Universe ClockWork Locket - glass & stainless steel


Brand DreamCatcherLab

How the past would have been if the future had come earlier? To get a timeless look you need to wear this steampunk locket!

The magnetic stainless-steel and glass pendant encloses gearwheel, mechanisms and pieces from old watches that will get you back to a couple of centuries or inside a fantasy adventure with cyber-punk vibes.

A quirky and original handmade jewel, perfect to give as a gift or collect in your personal jewel box.

The unique combination of materials and color is emphasized in an extraordinary way. Personality and individuality of the wearer are lightened up, making even the plainest outfit an eye-catcher.

All my items are nicely wrapped and safely placed in a gift box.


Chain length: 24" (61cm)
Locket diameter: 2" (3cm)